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What Are The Best & Worst Times To Drink Wine?

As much as you love drinking wine, you have to adhere to the most appropriate time for consuming it. For most of us, this is usually once we finish with work when we finally have some time to dedicate to ourselves and unwind, but sometimes a glass in the morning can provide exceptional benefits! On the other hand, whenever we feel stressed or anxious, this is usually the time when we decide to enjoy a nice bottle of Tikves Red, thinking that it’s the perfect solution to lower our stress levels. Little did you know that this is actually one of the worst times to drink red wine! This poses the question - when is the right time to drink wine?

As experts in our field, we’re here to provide the answer to the age-old question.

Understanding The Best Time to Drink Wine

Generally, people enjoy drinking wine with dinner or after finishing their daily tasks. However, science tells us that the best time to drink wine is during the daytime, specifically around 11 AM to 1 PM. Surely, for some of us, this is way too early to enjoy the beverage, but know there is scientific proof behind this notion. Namely, during the day, our mouth feels drier, meaning that our saliva can truly experience the wine taste. Knowing this, you can appreciate wine ideally before lunchtime.

On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying wine in the evening as it can significantly ease the stress of the day. However, drinking wine during the daytime has its own set of benefits, some of which include.

1.Enhanced Memory

If we take a look into the benefits of red wine [internal link], we can see that drinking in moderation can contribute to a sharper mind and improved memory. The phytochemicals found in fine relax the body and can prevent anxiety and stress, making up the ideal way to start the day. In other words, if your morning routine consists of doing restorative practices like yoga or meditation, you’re free to throw a glass of wine into the mix.

2.Enjoy The Wine’s True Flavor

Nothing beats the feeling of drinking a cold glass of water after a good night’s sleep. This is why your mouth is significantly dry, so the water basically refreshes it. Now imagine how well wine would taste! Don’t get the wrong idea - we’re not actually suggesting you should replace water with wine as your first drink in the morning! But, because your morning palate is more sensitive to new sensations, it elevates the wine-drinking experience, meaning you can taste the true flavor of the wine. Still, you might want to avoid doing this right after you brush your teeth. Wine and toothpaste together are anything but ideal!

3.Healthy Way To Start The Day

Coming back to red wine benefits, this incredible beverage boasts a powerful antioxidant profile consisting of resveratrol, quercetin, and procyanidin. With that in mind, consuming red wine in the morning reduces bad cholesterol, boosts the immune system, prevents cancer and heart diseases, and may even help in your weight loss journey. Knowing this, is there a better way to start the day?

4.The Perfect Breakfast Companion

You are already aware that dinner and wine are the perfect combo. But did you know that wine can also be the ultimate breakfast companion? After all, prosecco is served at brunch for a reason! So, the next time you’re making light seafood for breakfast, pour yourself a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc - you’ll truly appreciate the experience!

What Are The Worst Times of Drinking Wine?

Knowing that drinking wine in the morning is almost as beneficial as drinking it during the evening, you should avoid reaching for the bottle at certain times. Understanding these can ensure your wine experience remains positive and healthy.

1.Before Bedtime

When you’re feeling incredibly tired and in the mood for a nightcap, you might want to avoid wine, and alcohol altogether as it can interfere with your sleep cycle. The components found in wine, despite its sedative effects, can lead to restless sleep and further disrupt the sleep cycle, leaving you groggy and tired the following day.

2.When Stressed

We all have days when we feel incredibly stressed, thinking that a glass of wine will make it go away and hit that sweet spot. However, although tempting, you should know that this is one of the worst wine-drinking times because it can only make anxious and stressful feelings more powerful. Alcohol affects the central nervous system and can alter your mood unexpectedly, so you can never know the mood you’ll get after finishing a glass. In the long run, it may potentially lead to increased anxiety and even depression.

3.Before & After Workouts

Surprisingly, some people like to enjoy the sweet taste of wine right before they go to the gym or after they finish a workout session. As you can imagine, both of these times are considered the worst for drinking alcohol. Before exercise, wine can impair your performance, coordination, and hydration levels, leaving you more prone to injuries. Alternatively, drinking wine after a workout can affect the recovery process as it interferes with the protein synthesis needed for muscle repair.

4.When Dehydrated

When your mouth feels like sandpaper, know that wine won’t fix that feeling but rather make it much worse! Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning that it prompts the body to ask for more water. Drinking wine when you’re already dehydrated can deplete your body of essential nutrients, fluids, and electrolytes, leading to a much stronger feeling of dehydration. With that in mind, if you ever realize you're in a such situation, know that it’s time to stop drinking.

5.On An Empty Stomach

We’ve all had our fair share of drinking alcohol on an empty stomach at least once in our lives, and the hangover that ensued was anything but enjoyable. Consequently, drinking wine without having a meal beforehand can lead to rapid alcohol absorption, causing rapid spikes in blood alcohol concentration. In turn, this only intensifies its effects, getting you drunk much quicker, with potential adverse reactions. That said, always have a nice, nutritious meal before you start enjoying your wine.

Understanding the right and wrong times to drink wine can enhance your appreciation and enjoyment of the drink. We know that you simply can’t get enough of the drink (you’re not the only ones!) but time is of the essence if you truly want to enjoy it the way it was intended. By considering the time and day and your current health, you can ensure each sip adds to your well-being and pleasure. Remember - by respecting your body, you’ll respect the nuances of the wine itself.

Before you go, head to our store to check out our selection of the finest Macedonian Tikves wines, and be on the lookout for extra promotional offers! In the meantime, make sure to check out the rest of our blogs for more informational tips.

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