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Cantina Tramin was founded in 1898 and has 310 member winegrowers who follow its strict directives on the cultivation of the vines. The vineyards are an integral part of the enchanting and picturesque landscape of the Alto-Adige region of Northern Italy and cover 260 hectares situated on the sunny slopes of the region at altitudes ranging from 250 to 850 metres above sea level. In 2011, Cantina Tramin gained the "Double Stella" award. This is given to a winery for achieving the prestigious "3 Bicchieri" 20 times and is awarded by the Gambero Rosso.


Tasting Note

Pale in colour, this young and sophisticated Pinot Noir with wild strawberry, pomegranate and cherry underpinned by mountain herbs. The balanced palate is framed by a good tannic structure through to an elegant finish.

Tramin Pinot Noir PACK

  • Vintage: 2022

    Country: Italy

    Alcohol: 13.5%

    BodyValue: B (A is light, E is full bodied)

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