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The Place Where the Continental and Mediterranean and Climates Embrace

Tikveš Winery was founded in 1885 in a region with centuries-old winemaking tradition, blessed with perfect natural conditions, warm and passionate people and a lively, authentic culture. We have always had a penchant to go beyond expectations, embrace innovation and conquer new markets. Over the years we acquired more prime land than any other winery in South Eastern Europe. We own the latest technology and employ some of the brightest and most experienced talent in the business, to ensure that the superior quality of our products is maintained at all times. Our portfolio of fine wines stretches across several categories to fit every occasion, winning numerous highly-acclaimed international awards, year after year. The Tikveš wine sub-region is situated on the same longitude as Toscana in Italy, Bordeaux in France and the Napa valley in the USA. It is one of the biggest regions in Macedonia by square area and it is situated at latitude of 41-42˚. The climate is mixed, Continental-Mediterranean. The south of the Tikveš region is dominated by a Mediterranean climate featuring long and hot summers. To the north there is a predominant continental climate with mild and wet winters. The mean annual temperature is 13.3˚C, while during the vegetation period it is 18˚C. In the summer the temperature may reach over 40˚C. The mean precipitation during the vegetation period amounts to 300-500 mm. The Tikveš region is “protected” on three sides by mountains which prevent the northern winds from reaching the vineyards. The following types of soil prevail in the Tikveš region: Rendzina, Vertisol, deluvial, alluvial soil and Terra Rosa.

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