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Explore The Intricate World of Tikves White Wines

Allow us to give you a warm welcome into the tantalizing world of white wines, a beverage recognised all over the world, captivating both expert wine connoisseurs and people who are just beginning to explore the intricacies of this drink. As the leading wine-makers in Macedonia which are now serving in the UK, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the intricacies of this incredible drink, highlighting its history, production, and its various types. In addition, we’ll also provide expert tips on food pairings and storage, as well as some of the best Tikves white wines.This guide will surely pique your interest, so pour yourself a nice, chilled glass of your favourite white, settle in, and prepare to be amazed by the complexity of this beverage.

History Of White Wine

As you can imagine, the history of white wine is as rich and varied as its taste, dating back to ancient civilization. Wine has been an essential part of human culture and the first evidence of it appears all the way back in 6000 BC. Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians have all made significant contributions to making the drink what it is today, yet thanks to cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated production processes, the beverage has been completely reinvented.

The production of wine, specifically whites, became commonplace in French regions like Burgundy in medieval times and its modernisation is yet to see its halt. More specifically, the Industrial Revolution brought new technological advances that revolutionised wine-making, introducing inventions such as wine presses and bottling methods, resulting in prolonged longevity and high-quality taste. 

However, it was in the 20th century when wines experienced the biggest surge in popularity, resulting in the introduction of new wine regions including Macedonia, Australia, and South America, each bringing their unique flavours, styles, and techniques.

White Wine Production

As pioneers in Macedonia’s winemaking, we’ll take you through the production process, giving you a better understanding of the work it takes to bring a tantalizing blend directly to your table.

We first begin in our vineyards where the grapes are hand-picked based on the desired wine type we want to create. Time is of the essence, so we usually pick them earlier compared to their red counterparts, ensuring their acidity remains untouched.

Once harvested, the grapes are transported to our Tikves winery to prevent their spoilage, and they’re further crushed to extract their juice. What makes white wine production unique is that the skins are typically removed to prevent colour and tannin extraction. Afterwards, the juice ferments and the included yeasts turn the sugars into alcohol and we pay special attention to temperature control to preserve the wine’s aromas and flavour. Finally, after the ageing process is complete, we filter and bottle the wine, ready to be shipped out for your enjoyment.

Types Of White Wine

You don’t have to be a wine expert to know that there are countless white wine varieties available. Just taking a look at the wine section in a local store will further prove this!

Still, it’s essential to know the vast profiles of white wines as this will help you choose the perfect one for you. For that reason, allow us to present some of the most popular types:

  1. Chardonnay

It may come as a surprise, but Chardonnay was actually brushed off by wine drinkers - there was even a whole movement about it called ‘Anything But Chardonnay’. However, this is long gone, as this variety is one of the most complex and versatile out there.

In essence, Chardonnay ranges from medium to full-bodied, originating from France’s Burgundy region. It includes fruity flavours as well from zesty lemon to extra-sweet papaya.

  1. Sauvignon Blanc

Recognised for its citrusy aromas and acidic flavours, Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect choice if you simply don’t know which bottle to go for. It pairs well with poultry dishes such as chicken, as well as vegetables, making it ideal if you’re following a vegetarian diet.

  1. Riesling

If you notice an aromatic, perfumed, and intense white wine, you’re probably looking at a riesling. In addition, due to the sugar content, this type poses the perfect blend to counterbalance food spiciness. With that in mind, if you’re hosting an Asian-fusion dinner party or just preparing a meal with a variety of spices, this is the perfect blend to cleanse your palate.

  1. Pinot Grigio

Bursting with floral aromas and a sweet taste, Pinot Grigio, also known as Pinot Gris, is one of the most popular Italian wines. However, you may also find it with some zesty aromas as well. You can pair it with seafood, vegetarian meals, and all sorts of pasta delicacies.

  1. Moscato

Finally, if you’re searching for the ultimate dessert wine, look no further than the sweet and fruity Moscato. Make sure to take great whiffs of it - its aroma will simply delight you!

Tasting & Pairing White Wine

To fully enjoy the superb taste of Tikves white wines, take a good look at its colour and don’t forget to swirl it for a few seconds. In turn, this will release its scents before tasting and it can reveal various flavours ranging from citrus to earthy and mineral notes.

Moreover, you know that food and wine are the best pairing, and luckily, white wine varieties go along with countless dishes. Light-bodied wines like Sauvignon Blanc are excellent with seafood delicacies and salads, while fuller ones such as the Chardonnay complement hearty meals. Lastly, if your dessert hits too heavy, pour yourself a glass of sweet Reisling to balance the taste in your mouth.

If you’re looking for an extensive guide for food and wine pairing, check out this blog.

Storing White Wine

How you store your wine is of utmost importance. Surely, the delectable taste of our wines will make the bottle go away in one go, but what about the unopened ones? Don’t worry, this is where we come in!

Upon receiving your white wine bottles, store them in a cool, dark place, ideally at a constant temperature between 10-14 C. Sunlight should be avoided at all costs, and ensure there are no sudden changes in the temperature. Once you’re ready to open them, leave them in a fridge to chill for several minutes, up to two hours. Remember - lighter-body white wines can sit in the fridge for longer as the cold can bring up their aromas, while full-bodied ones should sit at room temperature for a while for the best experience.

Tikves White Wine Highlights

Now that you’re properly introduced to the art and craft that goes into white wine production, the next step is to experience their tantalizing flavour, one that you’ll keep coming back to over and over again. For that reason, we’re bringing you some of our finest Tikves white blends, promising a taste beyond your wildest expectations.

What makes Bela Voda so special is the soil where the Chardonnay and Grenache Blanc grape varieties are grown. They’re perfectly blended to deliver an age-worthy wine, accented by unparalleled scents of white flowers, and infused with hints of butter, vanilla, and hazelnut provided by the French barrique barrels where the wine is stored.

The Alexandria white variety is undoubtedly one of the most popular wines in Macedonia thanks to 100% Rhine Riesling grape varieties. The citrusy and floral aroma will provide such a delight, while its zesty taste pairs excellently with seafood dishes - the perfect addition for your next summer dinner party.

Where do we even begin describing this incredible dry white wine? The well-balanced and delicate body is more than satisfactory and the aromas of violet, rose, and tangerine make this the ideal blend to beat those unbearably hot summer days. Temjanika goes with cooked vegetables and fresh salads, but it can also be great with spicy pork as well. 

This is a more exclusive blend of the standard Alexandria, containing Chardonnay and Riesling. The golden colour with greenish hues is complemented by the fruity aromas of apple, peach, banana, and pear, providing a well-balanced acidity and a delectable flavour that will stay for a long, long time.

Due to the incredible mix of the Mediterranean and Continental, the refined terroir of the Barovo while will awe-struck you. The medium body consists of coloured Sauvignon Blanc with distinct hints of apple, lime, nectarine and passion fruit, further enriched by vanilla and white chocolate. Upon tasting, you’ll feel flavours of spicy-white pepper and earthy tones, resulting in a medium lingering finish.

As you can see, the attention to detail and passion that goes into producing Tikves white wines is second to none, resulting in a premium experience, designed solely for your satisfaction. With that in mind, head to our store and pick up a few of the aforementioned blends and see why we're the leading wine producers in Macedonia!

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