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What Is Corked Wine?

Did you know that over 3% of the world’s wine is labeled as ‘corked’? No, we do not refer to the upper part of the wine bottle that seals it, but something completely different instead! So, allow us to paint you a picture. You sit down at your home after a long working day, eager to open up a bottle of your favorite wine. However, once you get a sip of it, instead of tasting the tantalizing notes you’re so used to, you end up with a “wet cardboard” feeling in your mouth. If that’s the case, you might have a corked wine in your hand.

Corked Wine Definition

Contrary to popular belief, corked wine isn’t what happens when you fail to pop the cork successfully. It also doesn’t mean when a dry cork crumbles in a bottle.

In fact, corked wine is how a chemical reaction within the bottle changes - or, practically ruins - its taste. Some might have the slightest hint of it, while others may smell foul as soon as you open them. This happens when the bottle becomes contaminated with cork taint. Since corks are made from natural materials, they can easily come in contact with airborne fungi, ultimately changing the wine’s taste. Interestingly enough, no matter how much wine production has developed over the last decades, corked wine is still pretty common and can happen at any time.

How To Recognize Corked Wine

Even the most professional wine connoisseurs can’t distinguish whether a wine has been corked just by looking at it. You also won’t get that information if you inspect the cork meticulously. Instead, you’ll have to rely on your taste buds.

Namely, if you notice a dank, musty, almost cardboard-like taste in your mouth, your wine is most likely to be corked. Although it’s not harmful to have it, the wine’s flavor will significantly feel different, providing an opposite experience from the one you’d expect.

What To Do If You End Up With Corked Wine?

If you order any wine from Tikves London and it ends up being corked, you can immediately contact us for support. Our customer service is available for you at all times and after determining whether the wine is indeed corked, we’ll gladly replace it for you free of charge. Even if you’re dining out and this happens to you, you should always request for your bottle to be replaced.

As with people, imperfections are what make every wine so unique. Now that you know how to recognize corked wine and deal with it, your tasting experience will always go without a hitch! On the other hand, you can always go for bottles with a screw cap! We offer a wide selection of them in our store so go ahead and check them out!

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