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Why Tikves Wines Are a Must-Try for Wine Enthusiasts

When one mentions winemaking, most people picture the gorgeous sun-kissed vineyards of Tuscany or Bordeaux. Naturally, both locations are undoubtedly the leading regions for wine production. Yet, one country boasts a winemaking tradition that’s almost as old as the country itself. Macedonia is a small, yet incredibly charming country in Southeast Europe that has made major contributions to the wine world due to its exceptional geographical position, sharing the same traits as those seen in Bordeaux and the Loire Valley. With this in mind, many wine producers have used this to their advantage to create excellent blends using the finest of Macedonian grapes. However, the Tikves wine region, an area that encapsulates the soul of soul of the country, stands as the most iconic of them all - and you’re just about to find out why that is.

In this blog, we’ll be taking you on a journey of this magnificent Macedonian wine region, showing you why Tikves not only produces exquisite wine but how our contributions have made an indelible mark on the country's terroir. In turn, this will show you why absolutely must try it!

The History Of Tikves Wines

It may come as a surprise, but Macedonia is one of the oldest wine-producing countries in the world! More specifically, Tikves, the country’s largest and most famous wine region, traces its roots all the way back to the 4th BC. During the Roman Empire, it has been stated that Macedonia produced exceptional wines, boasting a distinct essence of the vibrant south, something that the rest of the world was very much in love with.

After years of hard work and skill development, wine growers from the region took their knowledge and used it to prompt the birth of modern winemaking traditions in the country, especially in the region around Tikves. Consequently, the tantalizing taste reached an incredible number of people from all around the world, making Tikves Winery become a renowned name, not only in the local market but way beyond.

Since 1888, Tikves wines have become the symbol of the centuries-long winemaking tradition, and the winery has become one of the most awarded in South Eastern Europe. Naturally, we pay extra attention to implementing modern techniques while still retaining the tradition our wines are best known about. That said, most recently, Tikves started expanding their wineries and started including premium wines from micro locations such as Bela Voda and Barovo. Speaking of, our iconic Barovo red has won two significant medals at Decanter 2018 right here in the UK, recognized for its unique taste that distinctly stood out from the rest. That said, this is one exceptional blend that you absolutely need to try!

Finest Grape Varieties Of Tikves

As you can imagine, what has made Tikves the pioneering force in Macedonian winemaking is our dedication to excellence, starting from the selection of our grapes to providing the finest blend directly to your home. With that in mind, allow us to walk you through our indigenous grape varieties, offering a taste profile that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.


You can find Chardonnay practically everywhere in the world due to its ability to adapt to all sorts of climates. The ones planted in Macedonia are around the Vardar River Valley, contributing to still wines with either a fruity or complex taste style. In the country, fruity wines are usually made from this grape profile and boast palatable freshness and detectable bodies. Furthermore, the aromatic profile of said wines usually stems from apples and a variety of stone fruits, and in some cases, you can even find some tropical notes infused in them.

In contrast, complex Chardonnays are made from high-quality grapes that come from poor-alkaline soils. The ones coming from micro locations like Barovo and Bela Voda often resemble the wines found in Burgundy. Finally, you can rarely find Macedonian sparkling wines, and even if you stumble upon them, they can feature a whopping price because they’re made in small quantities.


Temjanika, more commonly known as the Muscat Blanc, is specifically destined for sweet wines. In terms of Macedonian winemaking, this variety is adored in the country, specifically for its aroma. Temjanika can be used to produce many different styles of wine, but you can usually find them in sweet and fortified wines, boasting high acidity and a delightful aroma.

Additionally, Tikves Temajnika features a dry and fruity style, characterized by intense floral aromas and a dry palate with refreshing acidity, light body, and medium length. Due to its profile, this wine is a favorite for the summer as it pairs well with fruity dressings, fresh salads, and even some creamy desserts.

Sauvignon Blanc

True wine connoisseurs know that Sauvignon Blanc thrives in cooler climates. Interestingly enough, even though Macedonia is mainly influenced by warm weather, this grape variety has found its rightful place and has contributed to many tantalizing blends. More specifically, Sauvignon Blanc Tikves wines feature citrusy aromas with delicate fruity notes, offering refreshment like never before.

Like Chardonnay, this grape variety is grown on the banks of the Vardar River Valley and you can hardly find it anywhere else due to the country’s warm climate. However, Sauvignon Blanc wines have a rather different flavor profile, with a refreshing palate and medium to light body.


When talking about Macedonian wines, Vranec most definitely is the star of the show. Translated to ‘black stallion’ this grape variety was first found in Montenegro, but its yield has proven to be most successful in Macedonia. That said, the country now has the biggest area of Vranec, spanning over 10,000 ha!

When wine producers started recognizing the potential of Vranec in Macedonia around the 1950s, they started planting it as much as possible. Consequently, the grape can now be found in over 16 wine sub-regions, each with a one-of-a-kind terroir that is expressed in their wines. However, this mass planting wasn’t the most beneficial as some winemakers in the country focused more on quantity rather than quality. That is not the case with Tikves!

To taste the excellence of this grape variety, we wholeheartedly recommend our Vranec Special Selection. The wild nature of this tantalizing blend is characterized by a rich ruby color, a full body, and a long finish. As soon as you open it, you’ll be whisked away by the aromas of ripe forest fruits, prunes, berries, and a myriad of spices. One sip and you’ll feel Vranec’s sweet taste which is paired perfectly with full-fat cheeses and all kinds of meats.

Although Tikves is steeped in tradition, our story has just begun. Knowing our history and dedication to selecting high-quality grapes for each wine bottle, the only thing left is for you to have the experience for yourself. That said, check out our brilliant selection of Tikves wines and feel the magnificence of Macedonia with every sip.

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