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Wine and Seasons: Mulled Wine Magic Unveiled

Once the temperatures drop and the air is infused with aromas of pumpkins, gingerbread, and spices, you know that the winter wonderland has arrived. While the season may not be everyone's favourite, it surely does bring a lot of warmth due to all of the festivities that happen due to its course. However, foodies and wine connoisseurs alike have a rather big preference for the season! From light salads and heaps of seafood, the dining table is filled with all sorts of hearty and rich foods, paired with sensational, full-bodied reds that provide the best experience. Still, one drink is a staple of the season, and without it, winter wouldn’t be the same - mulled wine.

This aromatic beverage has warmed the souls of many throughout its history, and due to its simplicity, a lot of people like to make it at home. Christmas markets are abundant with them, but making it yourself surely has a special kick to it! Still, one glass of mulled wine hits the spot just right, so you may have some extra left in your hands. With that, it is only normal to question does mulled wine goes off.

To put it simply, like all wines, mulled ones do have a shelf life - and a rather short one if not stored correctly. Having said that, you need to learn everything there is to know about preserving mulled wine, and you’ve landed on the perfect spot to do it!

In this blog, we’ll be answering does mulled wine goes off, and for your convenience, we’ve even included tips on mulled wine storage. Finally, since this is the season of giving, we’re sharing our favourite recipe which is rather simple to make, yet features a taste that’ll blow you away!

What Is Mulled Wine?

Mulled wine is a winter beverage that has a solidified reputation for being the best Christmas drink. Also referred to as a spiced wine, no one really knows where it comes from, but many people believe it was first discovered somewhere in Europe. Having said that, it is no wonder why the drink is found at every Christmas market across the continent - and wider!

The winter beverage is typically made with a red wine variety, infused with various spices such as cloves and cinnamon, and fruit. As previously mentioned, you can find mulled wine across Christmas markets, but due to its simplicity, making it at home has become a distinct winter wine tradition! 

Mulled wine is known for its smoky, fruity, and aromatic taste thanks to the included spices. Compared to red wine, it is much sweeter and flavourful, and depending on what you make it with, it can be rather strong as well.

Does Mulled Wine Go Off?

If you’ve considered making the beverage yourself, you may have asked yourself does mulled wine go off - let’s clear the air on the matter.

Since it is wine-based, mulled wine does indeed go off. Once exposed to air, the content of the beverage starts to oxidise, thus causing changes in the flavour and the structure. Luckily, an easy preserving mulled wine technique will help you “save” it! Simply store it in the fridge!

Mulled Wine Storage Tips

To answer the question of does mulled wine go off, you need to learn about how to properly store it.

After you cook mulled wine, transfer it to a bottle and seal it with a cork. If you don’t have one, use a rubber air-tight stopper. However, make sure you don’t use vacuum sealers since they can absorb the aroma, thus ruining the overall taste.

When it comes to mulled wine storage, you also need to consider its lifespan which is 3-5 days. Still, it is recommended you do a small taste check just to be sure. First, take a good whiff of the wine - if you sense a sour smell, almost vinegar-like, it means that it is gone off. If that’s not the case, you can proceed to reheating.

Reheating mulled wine is as simple as it gets! Simply put in a pot on a stove or in a slow cooker and bring it to a simmer. However, this is the last time you can reheat it as constant temperature changes will greatly affect its taste. Luckily, it is as delicious as it gets so finishing it off won’t seem that challenging!

Can Reheating “Revive” Mulled Wine?

Aside from does mulled wine go off, people also question whether they can “revive” it once it is completely spoiled. The short answer - no. Preserving mulled wine is the only way to save its taste for 5 days at best, so once you notice a distinct acidic aroma, just throw it away. Still, there’s always the possibility to turn it into vinegar!

What Is The Best Wine For Making Mulled Wine?

In addition to picking up all the required spices and fruits, you need to consider picking up a good bottle of wine. By doing so, you needn’t worry about does mulled wine go off!

Red varieties are best for making mulled wine, specifically Merlot, Grenache, and Sangiovese. Basically, you should look for full-bodied wines with distinct dark and fruity notes. 

Just be sure not to make the most common mistake - mixing different varieties. For instance, you can’t add a bottle of Merlot, and then mix it with Pinot Noir. Trust us - you don’t want to experience that flavour!

Finally, after making it, it is a good idea to serve it with some excellent paired foods! Roasted nuts and an array of creamy cheeses pair well with mulled wine, and you can even throw in a few desserts into the mix such as chocolate cake and apple winter tarts. There’s a reason why mulled wine is such a popular winter wine tradition!

What Ingredients Do You Need To Make Mulled Wine?

As previously mentioned, mulled is pretty simple to make because it doesn’t feature many ingredients. So, before you attempt to make it yourself, check whether you have everything covered.

The most obvious starter - red wine. However, some newer winter wine traditions include white varieties in their making, so you should check out some modern mulled wine recipes online!

Then, you need an assortment of spices - some of the most popular ones include cinnamon, star anise, cloves, and cardamom. As for fruits, oranges, lemons, and limes are standard, but some recipes even include seasonal fruits like apples and pears. Finally, you should throw in a certain sweetener into the mix, like granulated sugar, maple syrup, or honey.

As an additional tip, you may find that some mulled wine recipes include extra liquors for a flavorful kick. However, know that they’re completely optional, so it is up to you whether you include them.

The Best Mulled Wine Recipe

With all the ground covered on does mulled wine go off, it is finally time for us to reveal our top mulled wine recipe! it is best done with any of our red wine selections, so make sure you stock up before you start making it!

Firstly, pour the bottle(s) of wine into a cooking pot, and place it on the stove on medium-to-low heat, bringing it to a simmer. While the wine is slowly cooking, cut some oranges in circles and place them in the pot. Also, throw in a few cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise, and two spoons of honey. Once all the ingredients are included, bring the mixture to a simmer.

However, you need to be really careful while the wine is cooking. Once you see the smallest traces of bubbles appear, put your stove on the lowest setting, and close the pot with a lid. Leave it on for 15 minutes, and cut some more orange slices for your cups - don’t forget the cinnamon sticks for extra flavour! Finally, run the mulled wine through a streamer to remove all the excess spices and fruits, and pour them into your cups. Enjoy!

The Magic Of Mulled Wine

Finally, why we believe mulled wine is magical not because it is easy to make or has an excellent taste - every sip you take of this seasonal beverage brings a feeling of warmth, which is something we all need in winter. What makes it extra special though is when it is experienced with your closest ones. Simply put, there’s no better way to feel the essence of the season!

We hope that this article has taught you all there is to know about mulled wine, especially in the question does mulled wine go off. You can also try the recipe we provided, but you are free to add your personal take on it, like vanilla or some liquor. Before you begin though, make sure to check out our red wines!

If you want to learn more about the world of wine, read the rest of our blogs.

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